Knowing that most of the countries that keep diplomatic ties with Taiwan are based in Spanish-speaking countries, and investments of Taiwanese companies are gradually increasing in Latin America, our department has started to focus on the syllabus and planning of all courses to provide new human resources with cross-disciplinary training to these fields.
Objectives. Our Degree consists in two terms:
First Term
It is offered basic and intensive courses to students from the first and second courses in order develop their five basic skills: listening and reading comprehension, oral and writing expression, and interaction.
Second Term
In accordance to student needs of the third and fourth courses, we offer many professional courses related to their future career, for instance, Translation, Business, Tourism, Journalism, Linguistics, Literature, Culture, Arts, etc. Furthermore, it sponsors domestic and international academic lectures, seminars and conferences that encourage academic research and exchange. Small class sizes, e-learning, and interdepartmental programs in areas involving tourism, mass communication, international trade, and international relations are highly encouraged by the department.
Since 1983 we launched the “Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures”. In 1990, a new official department, called “Department of Spanish Language and Literature”, started to consolidate.  In 1999, a new course of Master’s Degree was established under the authorization of the Ministry of Education of Taiwanese government.  We have 400 students in the university degree, and 22 students in Master’s courses. 
Professional career and future development
1. Professional career
- Jobs opportunities: Professor, Diplomat, Translator, Interpreter, Tourist Guide, a Business employee, Secretary, etc.
- Study: Postgraduate, Master and PhD courses related to Spanish in Taiwan, Spain, USA and, Spanish-speaking countries.
2. Future developments
 In the future, we are aimed to improve constantly the quality of our teaching staff, the teaching level, research, and facilities. On the other hand, we are aimed to work closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, the Press Office, the Tourist Trade Office, and all the companies that need staff qualified to use Spanish language.

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